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Haze in Singapore: Effects on Your Sinus Problems

14 May 2021

Haze is potentially harmful as it contains fine particulate matter, sulphur dioxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide. Continuous exposure to unhealthy levels of these air pollutants over a few days can cause respiratory symptoms and aggravate existing heart and lung diseases.


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Always sticking these into your nose? Why nasal inhalers can be bad for you

26 May 2020

There’s more to this ‘uncle’ accessory than meets the eye (or nose). For one, the ingredients used in many inhalers can ironically be responsible for the persistent nose congestion.


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Can You Outgrow a Food Allergy?

17 Sep 2019

When a child gets diagnosed with food allergies, one of the first questions parents ask is ‘will my child outgrow it?’. Dr Lim Keng Hua, ENT specialist at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, tells us more about childhood food allergies.


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Wax on, wax off? Why cleaning your ears might do more harm than good

10 Jul 2019

Are you the type who loves to dig your ears? It might feel enjoyable but there’s a danger to it. And guess what, you might not need to clean your ears, after all.


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