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Neck Lumps

Swollen neck lymph nodes
Salivary gland tumor

A common cause of neck swelling is swollen lymph nodes. Swollen Lymph nodes are commonly due to a viral infection in the head and neck region such a throat infection. These swelling will subside once you recover from the infection. Occasionally, it is due to a bacterial infection or tuberculous (TB) which require antibiotics or anti-TB medications. Other causes of lymph node swelling are lymphoma and head and neck cancer such as nose cancer (nasopharyngeal cancer). A doctor should be consulted if the lymph node persists beyond 2 weeks without resolution.

We provide a comprehensive head and neck assessment to determine the cause of the lymph node swelling. Nasoendoscope and fine needle aspiration, in addition to blood investigations, are done on the day of consultation. Scans may be needed occasionally.



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