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Ringing Ear


Ringing ear is also known as tinnitus. It is a sound heard in the ear by the patient. Tinnitus may be a constant or intermittent sound. It may be high pitch, buzzing, rumbling, or pulsatile i.e. follows the heart beat or blood flow. When first heard, it’s common to causes anxiety, annoyance, stress, and frustration.


Tinnitus can be due to an ear infection, ear wax, foreign body, abnormal blood vessels, growth, or a tumour. Rarely, it may be to muscle spasm of the ear muscles. It may be associated with hearing loss, vertigo, ear block sensation or nose symptoms such as blocked nose. Treatment involves treating the underlying cause.


Dr Lim is known to provide a listening ear, a comprehensive assessment, and a reassuring and effective tinnitus therapy for patients with distressing and persistent tinnitus.



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