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Thyroid Swelling

Large thyroid mass causing throat discomfort

Thyroid swelling are more common among females. Thyroid swelling may be diffuse or discrete.  They may be a cyst or nodule, benign or malignant. Most thyroid mass are benign and are discovered incidentally during self-examination or routine health screening.  Larger nodules may cause cosmetic issues, hoarseness, difficulty swallowing or breathing.


An ultrasound of the thyroid gland is done to determine the nature and risk of cancer. Fine needle aspiration for cytology is performed on all suspicious nodule to rule out cancer. Nasoendoscopy is necessary to assess the mobility of the vocal cords.


Benign nodules may be follow up regularly via ultrasound. Surgical removal is indicated for cosmetic reason ie those with large nodules, those with compressive symptoms, suspicious for cancer or proven cancer and to control refractory thyroid hormone dysfunction.



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